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I offer a full restoration service for the following electric car clocks








Overhaul prices start at:- 58

Return Postage and Packing will be in addition to the above

It is very helpful when contacting me if you could send a picture by email of the clock and movement or it's cover for me to advise on restoration.

I can normally return the clock within 3-4 weeks

Where I do the full overhaul I can offer a 6 month guarantee against failure due to incorrect workmanship


Sending the clock to me

* I recommend Royal Mail - I have never had any lost or damaged parcels.
* Pack the clock well with bubble wrap to protect it and use a large box
* Please include you name and address on a piece of paper inside the box with the clock

* Return P&P please consider from the RM options see Royal Mail

contact me for further information

Postal Address: Mark Lines, 23 Hendrix Drive, Crownhill, Milton Keynes, MK8 0D

An earlier Smiths car clock with the dial on the left underneath the top dial

A 1960s Smiths car clock - movement shown on the right

Electric Car Clocks


An overhaul involves: -
strip down and clean the movement
reassemble, oil and check operation
clean dial if possible and where needed
test run with 6v or 12v power supply
clean as much as possible chrome surround
Renew spark reduction rectifier or change polarity if needed

I am sorry, I am not able to carry out repairs
to car clocks at this time

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