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 	 	Gents Electric Wall

A 9” dial wall clock, with bakelite surround, from around the late 30s or 40s. This clock is in excellent condition with a darkbakelite surround and smooth clean lines.

The dial has very distinctive numerals and is in perfect condition
The movement in this clock is started by a small lever on the back with an indicator window so that the movement can be seen running before attaching to the wall again.
The hand setting knob is on the back.

This clock runs on 9vac via a plug in power supply unit and comes with approx 2 metres of thin white cable.

Mounting this clock is by a hinge at the top that can be hidden behind the clock if prefered - gives a cleaner line

Dial is approx 8.5" wide and the case is 10.5" wide. 150


shown without cable