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As Smiths Industries (as they are now known) have not seen fit
to provide any information about the former Clock Division or their
clock products and do not answer enquiries, I have put together
this amateur web page to provide a brief history of Smiths Clocks
with some details of Smiths trade names, trademarks, and company names.
Where possible I include the name Smiths allotted to each clock model
they produced and a possible date of manufacture

I believe that a page devoted to Smiths Clocks is needed for three reasons:

1. To provide a tribute to the skill and energy of the people who made Smiths into the largest clockmaker in the UK, and who developed mass production skills to the extent that the price of a clock was within the scope of most households.

2. To help clock collectors and enthusiasts to appreciate the quality of these clocks distinguish a Smith's clock from the tide of anonymous plastic rubbish which now floods from the Third World.

3. To enable owners to find a picture of a clock (not all clocks as yet unfortunately) and thus determine the Model name used by Smiths, and later (if more information becomes available) get some idea of its age etc.. I believe that if this information is not collated at the present time it may be lost forever. If you do not believe this, try to find any information about Smiths' Model names on the Internet.

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